According to Your Move, rents increased by 5.2% in a year now standing at £846 in England and Wales

Your move released their latest monthly index of buy to let rentals showing a 5.2% increase in rents in England and Wales.

The South East experienced the largest increase where rents climbed by 15% over a twelve-month period to £924.00.

The figures back up those who say the capital is undergrent-rise-graphoing what has been dubbed “vast social cleaning” where it said tens of thousands of poor families are been forced out of their homes in inner London as a merciless mix of mass property shortage and hosing benefit caps have left residents with no option. In their place, rich investors and developers move in to replace existing accommodation with newly refurbished and renovated dwellings for those more well off.

In some London boroughs, data reveals that the number of children entitled to free school dinners as dropped by a third, which further reflects the changing demographics in the capital.

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan who obtained the data, advised that although there was no clear link between welfare cuts and the reduction in free school meal claimants, it was evident that government policies were creating an increasingly segregated city.