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Letting Agency Documents and Tenancy Agreements

The following documents are included as standard with our letting agency business package

We provide a full set of marketing templates, letter templates, tenancy agreements, administration forms most commonly used in the day to day running of your letting agency.

  • Sent on CD and fully editable and available in your support hub online account.
  • Letting and Tenancy documentation is also provided for 1) Scotland or 2) N Ireland on request.

The following set of forms and documents come complete with the purchase of the Anthony and Co letting agency business package. The prices below only apply if documents are purchased individually. All prices below are fully inclusive with no separate charge for VAT.

Agency Agreements

Letting Agency Terms of Business (Fully Managed) - £19.95

The Landlord has signed up for the fully managed service meaning the agent will manage every aspect of the tenancy from start to finish, including registering the tenancy deposit, organising a professional inventory and managing the collection of rents, generating landlord statements and dealing with any maintenance issue that may arise.

Letting Agency Terms of Business (Tenant Find and Rent Collection Only) - £19.95

Used for the introduction of a new Tenant and fully managing the set-up of a tenancy. The agent will then manage the collection of rents whereas the Landlord will deal with their own maintenance issues.

Letting Agency Terms of Business (Tenant Find Only) - £19.95

Used for the introduction of a new Tenant and fully managing the set-up of a tenancy where the Landlord then collects future rents and deals with their own maintenance issues.

Letting Agency Terms of Business (List Only) - £19.95

Used for a list only service where the Landlord arranges own viewings and arranges check in. Also, commonly used when the Landlord pays in advance.

Tenancy Agreements

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) - £29.95

This is a 14 page well formatted and fully comprehensive assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST). It lays out the obligations of the Landlord and Tenant. By default, the agreement is set up for bonds that are registered with the most common scheme, The Deposit Protection Service or “DPS”, however the agreement allows this to be replaced with space for the necessary wording of every scheme. Two versions of the agreement are provided to accommodate for both a let only and fully managed service.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) for room lets in a house where the Landlord is not resident - £29.95

This agreement is used when letting rooms on an individual tenancy basis, and where the tenancy is subject to sharing communal areas of a property and which is suitable for some HMOs.

Tenancy Deposit Prescribed Information (AST) - £20.00

This document provides the information as set out by the Housing Act 2004 providing detailed information in respect of where a Tenants bond is registered along with any third-party interest.

Change of Lead Tenant Declaration Form (AST) - £15.00

Declaration by joint tenants to nominate a new Lead Tenant Mid Tenancy. The original Lead Tenant is declared in the Tenancy Agreement.

Company Let Agreement - £25.00

This agreement is used when a Landlord within the private rental sector lets their property to a limited company for their employees. The agreement lays out the obligations of both parties.

High Rent Tenancy Agreement - £27.50

When the agreed rent is £100,000 per annum or more, a high rent tenancy agreement must be used subject to common law. It lays out the obligations of both the Landlord and Tenant. The Tenant has less rights under this type of Tenancy.

Resident Landlord / Lodger Agreement - £29.95

Licence Agreement for Rooms to let in a Resident Landlord Tenancy.

Holiday Let Licence Agreement - £29.95

Our Holiday Let Licence Agreement applies to a furnished property for a short-term period where it can be clearly evidenced that the property is used solely for the purpose of a holiday and is being operated in such a way.

Letting Agency Administration Documents

Holding Deposit Agreement - £15.00

The holding deposit agreement lays out the agreed rent, bond and agency fees and the terms under which the Landlord has agreed to take the property off the market until the agreed commencement date of the tenancy.

Inventory of Contents and Schedule of Condition - Usual price: £15.00

A modern well formatted inventory template to detail the condition of fixtures, fittings and furniture upon check in.

New Business Forecast, Business Plan & Cashflow Charts, Local Research Sheets - £14.95

Already formatted research sheets to help gain information on local competition, local market conditions and cashflow forecasting.

Tenant Application - £14.00

Landlord Rental Statement - £10.00

Tenant Financial Statement - £10.00

Property Information Forms - £10.00

Tenant Checkout Instructions - £10.00

Check Out Report Form - £15.00

Standard Letter Templates - £65.00

This set of 20 letters are most commonly used in the day to day running of the business covering the most common correspondence between agent, landlord and tenant used by property managers, negotiators and administrators.

Letting Agency Marketing Documents - £95.00

  • Landlord Guide – 8 pages
    An excellent guide to Landlords used to give prospective Landlords general information about your service.
  • Tenant Guide
    Guides Tenants through the renting process with your agency.
  • Landlord Canvassing List
    A detailed spreadsheet for gathering key information about prospective Landlords and the properties they have to rent.
  • Business Card Template
    We offer a great selection of modern templates.
  • Letterhead Template
  • Leaflet Template
    Some great and innovative designs to choose from.


Pet Addendum (For All Tenancy Agreements) - £12.00

This is an additional page which can be added to an AST laying out the terms and conditions under which a pet may be kept on the premises.

Section 13 (2) Housing Act 1988 (Notice to Increase Rent) - £19.95

Under a periodic tenancy agreement, this notice is used when a rent increase is not stated in the tenancy agreement, or a tenant refuses to pay a proposed increase in rent.

Notice to Quit (Non-Housing Act) - £10.00

Normal price: This is an official notice that is used to serve official notice to the tenant that their tenancy is coming to an end and applies to non-housing act tenancies.

Section 21 6a - £14.95

This new notice replaces the Section 21(1) b and Section 21(4) and is used to serve notice to tenants liver under an assured shorthold tenancy when a fixed term tenancy started on or after 1/10/2015.

Saving Clause - £15.00

Specific wording that can be added to a Section 21 notice when the specific tenancy period is not known.

Section 8 Notice to Quit - £29.95

The Section 8 Notice provides mandatory and discretionary terms upon which a tenant can be evicted following the expiration of the associated notice period. Guidance notes are provided.

Section 48 Notice - £5.00

A requirement is made for the Landlord to notify the Tenant of an address in England and Wales that notice can be served.

Power of Attorney Deed - £29.95

The deed allows the Landlord to give another person power to act on their behalf in relation to legal matters.

Rent Arrears (x 3 Letters) - £15.00

Three step tenant arrears letter batch to use in the event of tenant default

Notice under the Cancellation of Contracts Made in a Consumer's Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008 - £19.00

Key Information and guidance on the waiver of cool off period in the event a Landlord is signed up to services in their home rather than at an office address.

Letting Agency Documentation for Northern Ireland


For our clients coming on board from Northern Ireland, we provide all of the equivalent tenancy documentation.

Letting Agency Documentation for Scotland


For our clients coming on board from Scotland, we provide all of the equivalent tenancy documentation.